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This site was last updated on May 19th, 2017.

Our next launch is planned for Saturday the 10th of June from 11am/3pm.


The purpose of this competition is to land the entry so that the tip of its nose cone is closest to a predetermined spot on the ground.

An entry must not separate into two or more unattached pieces.
Each entry shall be allowed only one official flight. No practice flights may be made.

If the tip of the nose cone lands more than 300ft. from the spot, the model shall not place, but shall receive flight points; otherwise, the model shall be given a score equal to its distance in inches. The contestant achieving the smallest score shall be the winner.

Any type of recovery device is allowed.

Any model that cannot be returned to the officials shall be scored as if it had landed over 50 meters
from the spot.

Directions to Sod farm (launch site):
Take I26 to exit 49B(64E toward Bat Cave/Chimney Rock).
go approx. 4.4 miles ( you will pass camp Judaea on right) slow down Gilliam is just ahead on left
Turn left onto Gilliam Road.
Turn left into sod farm before bridge, see sign and flag.
Look for blue tent.


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